We want to become one of the leading urban co-operative banks in India in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction & best service provider in banking sector.
We at Patan Co-Operative Bank are committed to give maximum returns on dividend to our shareholders by running our operations efficiently and profitably without compromising in services.
In 1980, when the Indian economy was yet to open up, the banking sector was divided into nationalized banks, urban cooperative banks and rural cooperative banks. Credit societies were also well entrenched into the money transaction domain.

Inspired by the thought of helping fellow traders and businessmen, four gentlemen from the Patan Jain Community of Gujarat promoted a credit cooperative society by the name of “Patan Co-operative Society Ltd.”

Within two years, in the year 1982, the cooperative credit society grew in size and operations to become Patan Co operative Bank Ltd.

Our founding fathers were -
  1. Shri Pratapbhai Bhogilal Shah

  2. Shri Mahendrabhai Popatlal Shah

  3. Shri J. K. Shah

  4. Shri Virendra Popatlal Shah
These four founder members of the bank were focused on operating efficiency and used their astute business sense which resulted in the phenomenal growth of the bank. For this reason the bank enjoys a large base of loyal and satisfied customers.
  • The bank had total deposits of Rs. 49.16 lacs and total advances of Rs. 25.00 lacs in 1983 and the operation of the bank was limited to just one branch. Over the years, the modest beginning has paved way for an astonishing progress. Today, the bank has over Rs. 83.00 crores in deposits and over Rs.29.00 crores in advances. The figures that are usually achieved by banks with multiple branches were achieved by Patan Cooperative Bank Ltd., with only 3 branches. Perhaps this is a unique example of this kind in the Indian banking industry.

  • The Bank has an excellent record of paying dividend to its shareholders regularly, every year

  • The Gross NPA of the bank for the year ended 31.03.2021 stood at Rs 176.77 lakhs or 6.89% whereas the net NPA stood at 3.30.0%. This is an exemplary control in the banking industry

  • At the end of the year 2020-21, the tally of members of Bank is 7421.